Welcome Message

Updated For Winter Quarter 2017

Welcome To My Classroom,

Following is some introductory information related to this course.  It is intended to complement or supplement information that you will find in Blackboard.

The initial Announcement in Blackboard and my “Welcome Message” located on my website www.studyartsadministration.com are one and the same.  Note the updated date in the upper right-hand corner. If it does not reflect the current or upcoming quarter, then it is in the process of being updated and may change before the quarter.

It is my expectation that you will visit www.studyartsadministration.com and find your course(s) and then read and acknowledge, at minimum, the following:

  • This course’s “Welcome Message,”
  • Either the “Syllabus Amendment” for eLearning courses or “Syllabus Supplement” for ground courses,
  • The “To Do Summary,” and
  • My “Course Management” policy,

When you finish reading the content behind each of these four bullet points, you will then click on Blackboard’s Course Management / Step Two to demonstrate you have read everything BEFORE the quarter officially begins.

I realize this is a lot for you if this is your first encounter with me, but rest assured it is better to explain everything up front than later when you needed it.

To simplify this, I have provided you a “To Do List.”  While much is optional on your part, the more you complete, the more productive our time will be together.  (Consider it an insiders view on how to obtain the absolute best grade possible and make your Professor happy at the same time.)

I will endeavor to follow what I have shared herein and will expect you do the same.  If there is a conflict, the information provided herein will prevail.

eLearning Courses

See the Syllabus Amendment page for your course(s) for modifications to the Blackboard Syllabus.  I reserve the right to modify the eLearning course as I see fit to make it a better course for you and up to date with current best practices.

I strongly recommend you print the Syllabus Amendment page out and reconcile it with the Blackboard schedule before the quarter begins.  If I could edit Blackboard directly, I would, but alas I can not so we will have to use the Amendment page.

Ground Courses

The Blackboard Syllabus is the “official” record of the course.  The Syllabus Supplement is what we will be referring to as it containing the same information as the Syllabus plus details behind all the exercises and assignments.

The Syllabus Supplement is traditionally available sooner than the Syllabus as there are multiple layers of approval required before it is published via Blackboard.  The Syllabus Supplement will prevail over the Syllabus should there be a discrepancy as it will always be the most up to date as I endeavor to adapt the course to you as needed in real-time.  It is important to note that I am always refining my courses, but the differences between the two, if applicable, will always be negligible.

It is important to note that we will begin discussion of the course material with the first class (or the first day of the quarter).  Be prepared to discuss the requiring readings beginning with Unit 1 and the first class or day within each Unit.  There will be zero time to wait for textbooks to arrive and if you begin the quarter unprepared then you will start off behind, and you will remain there for the duration of the quarter.  Keep in mind anything that might be due before the first day of the quarter as in required pre-quarter assignments.


Take some time and look around this website too.  I built it for you, and you might just find other materials that may help you in this course, another course, or outside the classroom altogether.

At this point, you will now want to visit this course’s Syllabus Amendment/Supplement or the “To Do Summary.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Patrick A. Kelsey, MBA, MFA
Business Design and Arts Leadership