Assessment Rubrics

Throughout any course that I teach, I endeavor to be as objective as possible with my assessment and I use a rubric wherever feasible.  Merriam-Webster defines rubric as “a guide listing specific criteria for grading or scoring academic papers, projects, or tests.”

My rubrics are used within the Blackboard shell, in paper form, or through Google Form.  The purpose is the same, but the delivery method may change.  Other rubrics may be available within the courses too.

When I suggest you access a rubric to view the assessment criteria you are strongly encouraged to do so for the purpose of earning maximum points.  Suffice it say, deviating from the assessment criteria labeled as excellent work is a sure way to earn a less than an excellent grade.

Following are rubric that I use most often:

For Individual Assignments:

For Group Assignments:

For Self-Assessment:

In some instances there will be other rubrics that are designed for specific courses, i.e., AADM 720 or AADM 720-OL.  They are not featured here.

Note:  the rubric featured herein may not be the exact rubric that I utilize.  Only those installed in Blackboard or handed should be considered firm.  Those featured here are mere versions of rubrics.  I constantly edit and upgrade them quarterly and there may be slight variations.


Following are some resources that I found helpful when creating rubrics: